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The David Addison Show is a new podcast, in audio and video, as part of The iPhoneography Podcast.

The David Addison Show is a new program that is part of The iPhoneography Podcast. David has an established YouTube channel and we had him on as a guest for Episode 42. In our talks off air he expressed an interest in doing a podcast and I told him he should.

David brought the idea to me to do his own show under the iPhoneography Podcast banner and I immediately thought it was brilliant. Hence, The David Addison Show was born and I couldn’t be happier. Dave Podnar and I will bring you our regularly scheduled content and David’s show will be a fresh addition with his own schedule and much better editing. 🙂

Be sure to check out David’s YouTube channel too! Welcome aboard, David!

Greg McMillan


David’s YouTube Channel –

The iPhoneography Podcast on Anchor –

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